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The First 365

A couple of days back I celebrated my first anniversary in my new department.
1 August 2017 marked a year since I left the relative comfort of my previous department for a new one in a completely different field.
In an instant, I went from being the senior in the department to the junior.
From the one whom very few questioned to the one no one listens to.
From subject matter expert to new kid on the block.
365 days later, the same still applies. I'm still the one no one listens to. Still the new kid on the block.
It's been a hell of a roller-coaster journey thus far, fraught with challenges (but what isn't?) and there's certainly been more downs than ups.
I dislike how I get anxiety attacks in the middle of the night just thinking about work. I dislike how I wake up every day feeling so much dread to the extent that I feel like calling in sick (I finally did that today). I dislike how when I sleep, my dreams are about the proposals waiting at work. 
I detest how everyb…

A Penny for Mr. Fairclough's Thoughts

My old headmaster, Mr. Fairclough, used to tell us during morning assemblies about how he'd stopped reading the news because he'd found it getting more and more depressing by the day.
And this was way back in 1999 when the world was less shit than it is these days.

I do not know if he's still alive but I do wonder what he'd make of the utter mess the world has become today with all the bombings, attacks, stabbings, humanitarian crises and natural disasters that seem to be happening on an almost daily basis.

Takeshita Street

Tokyo Metro

Riding the metro system in Tokyo was an interesting experience. Unlike the system in London, the various lines in Tokyo are run by separate companies, meaning there isn't a single ticket that would enable you to ride everything.

There was once we walked 500m within the same station just to get from the one line to another (I think it was Otemachi). I think if we Malaysians were all willing to walk 500m, our current metro system would cover pretty much all 7 million people in the Klang Valley.

Shinsuke Nakamura

I know I'm already 29 years old, but how does this not give you goosebumps?