Hello World! (Again)

I should write blog more.

I found myself in the odd position of having to point to my blog as evidence of my "writing" a couple of days back.

And that was a lie.

I'm aware I'm no Karim Raslan but it's been a long time since I've put anything worth reading up here. The deterioration in terms of wit and sarcasm has been plain for all to see - which is saying something since I never had a lot of wit and sarcasm in the first place - but the fact remains that I should blog more if only to prove to myself that I have a wider range of emotions than the three modes I exhibit to the people around me on a day-to-day basis: grumpy, crazy and quiet (or sometimes all three at the same time).

Thus, I promise to try to make a little more effort for the remainder of the year to at least log on to this blog and try to write something. Since I'm already 30, I should have tonnes of content to fall back on despite my preference to avoid people by lying flat on my arse on mos…

England Squad Prediction

My predictions for the England squad.

Goalkeepers: Pickford, Butland, Pope
Defenders: Walker, Maguire, Stones, Mawson, Smalling, Tarkowski, Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, Young. Delph
Midfielders: Dier, Loftus-Cheek, Henderson, Shelvey, Alli, Lingard
Forwards: Vardy, Rashford, Kane, Sterling

I'm assuming they'll play 5-3-2 like they did against France.

Update 11:35PM

Actual squad picked by Southgate (Mawson was injured, my bad):

Goalkeepers: Pickford, Butland, Pope
Defenders: Walker, Maguire, Stones, Mawson, Smalling, Tarkowski, Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, Young, Delph, Cahill, Rose, Jones
Midfielders: Dier, Loftus-Cheek, Henderson, Shelvey, Alli, Lingard
Forwards: Vardy, Rashford, Kane, Sterling, Welbeck

Danny Welbeck?!?!?!?!?!?! — Khael Malik (@fusion16) May 16, 2018

Three Simple Rules

When I look at how the Government of Malaysia communicates with its citizens, I'm instantly reminded of my own company (particularly my own division) and how we communicate with others.

We know there needs to be a unified and consistent messaging so we don't confuse everyone.

We know the value of using clear, unambiguous language in our messages

We know that internal stakeholders are every bit as important as external ones. Don't expect others to understand if your own people don't.

We know. Yet we fail at these things again and again.

Our Government's handling of issues such as MH370 and 1MDB perfectly illustrate how it fails to address the three simple rules above.

And as far as how stuff at work goes, well, the less I say the better I feel but suffice to say that it isn't exactly a shining beacon of adherence to simple rules either.

First Project of 2018

Two weeks into 2018, I'm pleased to say that I've completed my first project for the year.

I'd been thinking of buidling a mini-ITX PC for myself for the longest time but there was always nagging doubts in my mind, mostly centered around whether or not the cost and effort would be worth it.

Last weekend I suppose I had an epiphany of sorts and went on an online shopping rampage.

Best not to look at them credit card bills.

Here we are, days later, and my PC is the size of a small box!

This also means it's finally time to retire my venerable first build. So much nostalgia. This thing was my first major splurge after I started working.

It's been with me since I was living in Flora Damansara, followed me when I bought my condo and migrated yet again when I got married.

I must admit I never thought it would last this long but that Intel i5-2500 was a beast of a processor. Absolutely no regrets buying it (even though I distinctly remember my hands shaking as I handed over…

Remembering 2017

January will be remembered for being our first Chinese New Year as a family without Ah Ma and Ah Pek. But the clan remains strong...

February will be remembered for the time my wife and I took a random roadtrip around Hulu Langat. It was a rare adventure of the two of us. We ought to do stuff like this more often.

March will be remembered as the month I explored Ipoh. My biggest achievement was getting the lot of them (my wife, my mum, my siblings) hiking up Gua Tambun. And Tasik Cermin (which is practically behind my house) was pretty nice too.

April will be remembered for the first time I ever set foot on the Land of the Rising Sun. It left such a big impression on me that we went again in December. And guess what? I'm not done yet. I want to go again.

May will be remembered for the time I paid a random amoi money for her spare ticket to a free K-Pop concert just so I can watch Red Velvet. Someday, I will watch a proper Red Velvet concert.

June will be remembered fo…

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